Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bike to Work

HESITATING for such a long time to ride a bike to work due to the distance and sloping track, at last I went to my office (Suara Merdeka, Kaligawe, Semarang) by my MTB, a couple weeks ago (Friday, Aug 10, 2007). People next door who met me riding said that it was desperate thing 'cos I left to ride at about 1.00 pm underneath extreme hot sun ray, after Friday prayer (Jav.: Jumatan). Besides, the distance was about 19 kilometers away from my house (Bukit Permata Puri, Ngaliyan, Semarang). I made it, anyway.... The harder thing was the way back home due to ascending track and air pollution. I took about 1 hour 30 minutes to accomplish the evening trip. My sweat ran tremendously and I took a break for awhile on my friend's drink stall on a half way. Exhausted!

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