Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Moonlighting (Side Job)

I just bought a brand new folk acoustic-electric guitar Yamaha APX 500, Saturday, January 12, 2008. It costs about 180 US dollars and is equiped with built-in digital tuner, 3-band equalizer, volume, and tonal control on the right side of the body. The reason of purchasing the cute black guitar was an offer to seek and provide chords of the most wanted songs.A couple months ago, my fellow editors asked me to revive a chord column in Suara Merdeka Sunday on which I used to be in charge. It was such a left sidebar on Entertainment Page that was providing chords of popular songs, either foreign or local ones. The chord sidebar had been taken over since about 4 years ago due to publishing a new tabloid, Tren. The teenage tabloid took over the chord column to be available on its own page and handled by its own man.To revive the columns, I need a fresh folk guitar to make the chord seeking easier and clearer. For the weekly moonligting (side job), I am paid Rp 150,000 (about 16 US dollars) for each song chord. So, it takes 11 weeks to meet break even point (BEP) for the guitar, doesn't it? The column now shows up again, begun on January 6, 2008. Thanks God, despite no significant salary increase in the last three years, I've got more revenue at last.

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