Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dances with Sharks

SUNDAY, May 11, 2008, was the unforgetable day. Several times I visit Karimunjawa Islands (about 80 miles north of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia), but on that Sunday I had such an unforgetable experience: I was dancing with dozens of sharks in the localized 2-meter-deep breeding pool.
Actually, I belonged to a participant team of Fishing Competition 2008 held on 10-11 May by Jepara Regency and Suara Merdeka Daily in the waters surrounding Karimunjawa. My team took two sessions of fishing with traditional boat.
As a matter of fact I'm fond of swimming rather than fishing. So, between the two sessions I made up my mind to split from my team and join the snorkling tour around the exotic reef barrier nearby. Simple story, I found a shark breeding pool when we were searching for reef park by a speed boat.
The owner said it is OK to swim with the sharks so I tried to experience the rare situation: Dance with the sharks. Probably it is OK because they are only 1,5 meter long on average, or they are the tame species of shark. I cannot tell. Anyway, I had been swimming with them for about half an hour in a very close range. Hajimete! (first experience). A friend of mine, Bayu, was using Canon 40D digital camera, 20-40 mm lense, to take the picture of "the dance".

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Experience Speaks Louder than Words

ONE day, my daughter Echa asked me about the meaning of camping. I just said camping was vacation living in the open air for few days with a tent or something sheltering. She was still curious. A couple days after, we went shopping to Carrefour and I found big sale of dome tents there. It costs only Rp 129.000 (about US$ 14) each. I thought it was the right time to give complete explanation about camping. Then we made a plan to go one-day camping on Gedong Songo camping ground (1,300 meters above sea level), on the east side of Mt Ungaran, Central Java. On Wednesday, April 31, we made it. As you know, it was days-off (Wednesday and Thursday). But unfortunately, It was raining hard once we reached the location. We decided to spend one night first at a hotel. And at last, in the clear morning after we managed to erect a tent on a field beside the second temple of Gedong Songo until 4.00 pm in the afternoon. For the time being, Echa knows better what camping looks like, because experience speaks louder than words.

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