Monday, October 27, 2008

Intramuros Excursion

FLASHBACK: This is a story about my trip to The Philippines in June 2004. I post it down to save some of my overseas trip files.

In the clear and breezy afternoon, Saturday (29 June 2004), the participants of the 5th Train the Trainer organized by Konrad Adenauer CFJ at the Ateneo de Manila University had a sort of short excursion to Intramuros, Manila, the Philippines, on the end of the course. It was an old city surrounded by the adobe-made wall that was built in the 16th century, under Spain colonial rule. There were 20 participants from Asia Pasific countries. They are Akhmad (Indonesia), Alak (Bangladesh), Arindam (India), Anand (India), Arlene (Philippines), Asep (Indonesia), Cris (Philippines), Diosa (Philippines), Eileen (Philippines) Fazal (Pakistan), Hieu & Hoa (Vietnam), Naheed (India), Nanette (Philippines), Nurul (Indonesia), Pung (Malaysia), Ruel (Philippines), Shita (Indonesia), Tina (Singapore), and Tulga (Mongolia). The train was held for six days (June 24-29).

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